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Carrington S. Scott is an independent gospel singer-songwriter, producer, vocal actor, preacher, performer, and entrepreneur. He was born in Anderson, SC and raised in Seneca,SC. Scott's music career started out as a choir member, later he became a church musician, and then a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is currently signed to the CSS Records Company.

Scott's recording career took off when he first wrote poetry at the age of 17. He was inspired by William Blake poems in high school such as "The Tyger and the Lamb." When he went to college, Scott fell into a state of depression and sadness. Despite being in his lowest state of life he called on the name of Jesus to help him get through his problems. Jesus then revealed to Carrington that he needed to write songs for himself, and for people around the world. These same songs that have been written are recorded today for the uplifting of individuals and also for Carrington S. Scott.

After Scott dropped out of college in 2004. In 2006 Scott answered the calling of the Lord, to enter into gospel ministry. During this time he began preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and recording songs and albums. He returned to school in 2007, but dropped out once again focusing on his ministry. It wasn't until 2013 he attended the North Carolina College of Theology to continue his education. Scott received his associates degree of biblical studies. In 2014 he received his bachelor of theology degree.

Today Scott's career is focused on winning souls for Christ. His ministry website is